Sometimes we are destined to cross paths with people. Whether we meet through a mutual friend, at a networking event, or through a social media connection. In this case, it was the daughter of a local furniture store owner who won a small business contest I was running. She was BEYOND grateful to have won for her dad's business. What a gem this amazing place is. 

For over 20 years, Zev is the proud owner of Arte Interiors in Northbrook, IL. He carries an array of furniture and d├ęcor and promises to deliver amazing service and prices to match any competitor. The best part was the instant connection I had with his daughter, Renata. We talked about family, her business and passion, her husband's business and more!  She took amazing behind the scenes shots of me as I worked my way around the store! 

I hope to not only refer people to this great local business, but to partner with these two entrepreneurs in the future! 

January 5, 2021 - A reflection...

2020 Was most DEFINITELY a unique year, full of struggles and challenges, but also full of many blessings. I have met the most amazing clients and photographed over 100 people throughout the year. 

Moving ahead, 2021 presents a positive outlook, and many new opportunities. Photography is a true passion of mine and I plan to go full force creating imagery for small businesses, as well as custom portraits for tweens/teens and women as part of my newer brand, FREE TO BE IMAGERY. The goal is to boost confidence and build self-esteem, while giving each client an amazing experience to walk away with. 

If you are up for a session, whether you need an updated headshot, images of your family having fun together or a session all about YOU  to show off your personality, 2021 is the year! 

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